"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sick day Lucy...

I was born and raised in a strict Catholic family. We went to catechism on Wednesday, ate fish on Friday, and went to Mass on Sunday. We also went to the social after Mass and ate donuts and drank fruit punch. We woke every morning to our mother singing "rise and shine," and we wanted to scream. We shopped twice a year for clothes and shoes and wore saddle shoes to school. We ate cottage cheese and brown sugar sandwiches and loved it. We played card games and board games and always kept track of who had won last. We bowled. We went on vacation every year and didn't have a clue how lucky we were. I took baton lessons. We went out for Hamburgers once a month on payday. We did chores every Saturday morning. We spent hours at the library. We lined up according to height every Christmas morning and the shortest person always got to go first. The shortest person was always the youngest person...we were seventeen years apart. I never went first. We played "Queen for the Day," and got new pajamas every birthday. We prayed at every meal, at bedtime, and in every natural disaster. We prayed and cried when the President was shot. We rode our bicycles until dark only stopping to dodge tumble weeds. We ran around the yard with sparklers when there were days of celebrations. We ate three squares a day and had desert on Sunday. We watched "Laugh In" and the "Friday Nite Fights." We drank Tab. We lined up on Saturday mornings to have our hair washed in the big sink. We had a dog named Queenie. And on sick days from school we made a fort in the living room, ate dry toast and drank hot tea, and watched "I Love Lucy".......


  1. Hey Pretty cool childhood, had to have had fun with all that. Maybe did'nt know it at the time, but believe it was. Gnick

  2. You had the childhood I always wanted. Being an only child, I just always wanted to have someone to line up with! And I used to always be really, really happy when I spent the night with my girlfriend on Friday nights because, for dinner at her house on Friday nights, it was fish sticks or shrimp. Either way, NUM!
    It's kind of funny...looking back on my childhood, by today's standards, it was really pretty bad. Good thing I didn't know it back then or I might not have turned out to be such a solid citizen...BWAHAHAHA!

    Fun post, JJ--thought-provoking!

  3. What a joy to read about your childhood and its similarities to mine. We are rich in our memories, aren't we? Thanks for the beautiful start to my day.

  4. I read that post and think of how indulged my own children are.

    Cottage cheese and brown sugar? Hum...


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