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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving part deux...

We were unable to spend Thanksgiving with our son Jeffrey and his fiance Lauren this year. As a newly engaged couple they tried to make the rounds with all the family to be but ended up running out of day before they ran out of family. I know that we will have to share them at holiday time and that's just fine with all of us. We just choose another day and call it Thanksgiving.
A few days ago Jeff and Lauren stopped by to help with some outside/inside chores. It's just amazing to me how quickly these things can get away from you when you don't keep up with them. Raking leaves and vacuuming seem to be the worst. My daughter Lindsay and her hubby Craig also come by and help and in some ways we feel that we have come full circle with them. But I digress...
Jeff and Lauren came by bearing gifts of warm, home-made apple crisp (the desert we didn't get to share earlier). I, being the mom that I am, promptly removed the leftover Thanksgiving dinner from the freezer and heated it up. It was like a second holiday! hmmmm, it smelled so good and we enjoyed every bit of it...especially the apple crisp. We were busy laughing and chatting and planning when I asked Lauren how long her parents have been together...over twenty years was her response. She asked us the same and we responded in kind (plus a few years). Then, then...she asked me the question. What advice would I give to them as newlyweds to-be on how to have a successful, long-lasting marriage? I gave her my hear-felt answer which I will share later, but now I would like to know what you think? What would you tell your son/daughter and their intended that of which will bring them true happiness?


  1. Hmm, that makes me ponder. The hubby and I have been thru so much in 12 yrs, and I think its made us stronger. Yet there were times that it could have just as easily ripped us apart.
    I'd say the main thing is to talk, talk and more talk. You may not always like what the other has to say, and vice versa, but when you stop communicating, things go downhill in a hurry.

  2. I have an award for you! Oh and I forgot to tell you , I like the Christmasy look of your blog:)

  3. I would say "to always live in truth" regardless of the consequences. True love will overcome anything if truth is always lived. Deceit, lies and charades lead to greater ones. Yes, truth can hurt, but only a momentarily sting as opposed to the opposite if lived in a relationship.

    Nice post btw


  4. A long and happy marriage requires a lot of work. You must give of yourself daily. My husband and I have been married 20 years this coming week and we have had both hard times and good times. Remember to always be tolerant and respectful. Say please and thank you and don't take each other for granted.

    My grandmother told me to never leave the house or go to bed angry at each other. We never know what will happen.

    Rejoice in each other and in God. Communication is important. Always talk to each other about everything and always take time to do things together.

    Hope this helps and I wish the bride and groom many happy years together.


  5. Deux Thanksgivings...mmmm, lucky you, JJ! Warm apple crisp = NUM!

    Two things. Communicate, communicate, communicate--and then communicate some more. And marry your best friend. When you do that, the communication comes easy!

    I never, ever got sick of talking to Bill, and I never, ever got sick of being with him. He was always my first choice of who I wanted to spend time with because we always had so much fun. This coming April would be our 20th anniversary...IS our 20th anniversary. He was--and still is, just in a different way--my best friend, and I love him just as much now as I did on the day we married. It's a little different, but no less real. Marry the person that you feel that way about. **kim-d curtsies and steps away from the microphone and exits stage left** :)

  6. Always respect each other and remember why you fell in love with each other in the first place. And be truthful with each other. Hug and cuddle, a lot. Touch helps to keep you connected. Holding hands. Keep whatever your chosen religion is in your marriage.

    I'll stop with those.

    Good luck.


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