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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MEME to the rescue...

While negotiations continue for the return of my Muse, (and let me just say she is a very picky, demanding one) I thought I would go back and finish the meme that Laura ~Peach~ tagged me with a few weeks ago. See...some good can come from the meme!

Here goes:

Name seven totally random facts about me, myself and moi:
  1. on my first 'real' date with my husband (you know...the dressy-up one) the waitress was reaching across the table with my plate when she knocked over the candle and started the tablecloth on fire. In her panic she also dropped my plate of food, food side down, down the front of my dress.

  2. the same exact thing happened when I was pregnant with my first child only it was a pizza that fell onto my stomach...ouch!

  3. this happened again at a restaurant in St. Croix after a twenty-three hour flight. I think I was sleeping when the food hit.

  4. I have given birth to three children (not all at once). Each of them was six weeks early and each of them weighed over ten-pounds.

  5. the only thing I've ever stolen were my fingerprints...as I was leaving the police station.

  6. i have a tattoo...It's very personal and I love it. I was not drunk or stupid when I got it (mil).

  7. i am terrified at what this disease holds for me...I wish my family knew.

O.K., so now I'm supposed to tag many people but I just don't like to do that so I'm only going to get one...Helen at Reddirt Woman...I have a feeling she is full of mystery ;) linky not working: http://www.reddirtwoman.blogspot.com/


  1. i am terrified at what this disease holds for me...I wish my family knew.

    That statement is true for me too. If family only understood what this disease does to us. That we can't eat anything without thinking about what it will do to us and what it has done to us. I see the endo tomorrow, so we will see what he has in store. Wish me luck!!

    God Bless~

  2. ok ... so now i am so curious... whats your tatoo:) I told caution all your muses are relatives of mine and they ran away from you guys becuase its too darn cold up there... but the irony is it is COLD here too so they are hiding all huddled up in the spare room over the heater vent... waiting on the weather to change!

  3. I know how scary this disease is - my mom struggled with it, too, but you have to stay strong and informed. I think knowledge is power when it comes to your own body. And you have so many people wishing you well.

    BUT - I must know the fingerprint story! There has GOT to be a good tale in that situation, and I think you should spill!

  4. JoJo-
    The facts were all so interesting!
    Getting to know you more and I like it-the part about the disease-I know we don't have the same health issues but I relate-so many of my family refuses to understand-sad for them as well as me.
    Rooting for you lady!

  5. Okay, hold it just a second - 6 weeks early and HOW many lbs.??? I don't even want to think how big they'd have been at full term. Mine were both early and both under 7. Not that size would have mattered since I had c-sections.


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