"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As you can see Baby New Year is counting down the minutes until 2009. It's always with a little trepidation that I look to the New Year. And looking back on the year is always bittersweet. I lost my favourite Aunt on Dec. 21 and I can't help but feeling that a little part of me is gone with her. When I was growing up I used to always tell my parents that I wanted to be like Aunt Claire when I grew up. Not because of what she 'did' but because of who she was. She was fun and happy and at times would crack you up laughing so hard that you would have tears in your eyes. I remember seeing her about ten years ago at a family reunion and she was looking for something in her purse. She was pulling things out and laying them on the table beside her. She had all the obligatory 80 year old woman belongings. Her change purse, her rain hat (that folded up like origami), an odd stocking, a pen, some hard candy (with Kleenex fur on it), kleenex, you know. She looked like a geriatric Mary Poppins pulling out these things and was completely unaware that my sister and I were in tears with the vision of ourselves at that age. She never, ever missed one of your special days. How she remembered so many of them is quite a feat and I will always cherish the combined birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving card she would send me every year. Never mind that none of these events were celebrated near each other. She came to stay with my dad after my mom died and was such a comfort to all of us. She visited again a few more times and always asked how I was doing. She didn't mean 'How are you' but wanted to really know how I was doing. She is the only person in my life to ever ask me that after I lost my leg. She worked in Hospice for over twenty years and I believe that she was a tremendous gift to her patients when they needed Grace the most. I love her and I'll miss her but I am oddly happy for her. She lost her dad when she was fifteen, and her husband over thirty years ago. If you believe, and I do, that there is something more, then I know that there is dancing in Heaven as she comes home to her family. Say 'hi' to dad and mom Claire...
So as we count down to midnight and to a New Year I will be looking back with a smile and a tear. This year had many difficulties and we all have our sights set on brighter days ahead. Perhaps this year I will make some resolutions. I've never been one to do so except for the obligatory... lose weight, exercise more, etc. So what about you all---do you make New Years resolutions??
baby New Year courtesy of Rick @ Organized Doodles www.organizeddoodles.blogspot.com


  1. i so understand what you are saying and feeling...I try NOT to make resolutions as they tend to get broken rather quickly...Hugs and Happy New year!

  2. I really and truly am going to work on diet and exercise. Not a resolution, more of a back to my old lifestyle type of thing.

    Here's to great things in 2009!

  3. What a lovely tribute. It's obvious you shared a great bond with your precious aunt.

    I don't bother making resolutions, but I'm constantly thinking of things I should resolve about!

  4. I lost my favourite aunty in November also...sounds a lot like yours in character. I am not making resolutions...none. I guess in my head I make little promises to myself to try harder at things....but not an "out loud" resolution:)


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