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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rescue me...

She is sitting alone in the kitchen when the front door opens and her daughter comes in. It is mid-morning and the younger woman has taken the day off from work to come and take her mother to a doctor's appointment, She will also do some picking up of groceries, do a few loads of laundry, and clean up a little. She has brought with her food for the evening meal. As the mother struggles the daughter helps her to get dressed, putting on her pants, socks and shoes. She then helps her into the car and they head out to the clinic.
They return home, after about an hour, and once again the younger woman helps her mother into the house and back into the kitchen where she will wait as her daughter fixes lunch. They visit and laugh and for the mother the time goes much too quickly. The young woman has to leave now to avoid the traffic.
The older woman heads down to the bedroom, with the old dog, to take a short nap. She is in much pain today and the medication has not done it's job. She quickly falls asleep.
Soon she is in the kitchen again with no idea why or how she got there. She is sitting at the breakfast counter and feels quite cold and confused. She looks down at the counter and sees the glucometer in front of her. It reads 35. She is still confused and cannot see clearly---her peripheral vision is gone---darkness is closing in. Somehow there is a oat and fruit bar in front of her, where did it come from? She know she must eat it. She tries desperately to see the clock, her vision blurred, it reads 4:15p. How is that possible? The daughter left at 2:00 and her husband was due home at 2:30. Where is he? Where is the dog? She is still confused as to how she got to the kitchen. She takes another glucose reading...it is 48. She calls out to her husband as the darkness begins to engulf her. "What is happening?" she cries.
She awakes, in her bedroom, on the bed. She is cold and shivering. She looks over towards the clock and sees that it is 7:00p. Her husband is in the kitchen preparing the dinner the daughter has brought. She is exhausted, confused, and frightened.
She will feel uneasy the rest of the day and tired for the next few days. Such is the life in her time...


  1. Oh such a good explanation of what we go thru. I could not have written it so well. I so understand your blog tonight. Been there done that so many times. I hope that you are better now. Please keep in touch Jojo. Feel better my dear friend. I think we are twins separated at birth.

    God Bless~

  2. I have had a couple of people in my life at various times who have gone through what you described. From my view of it, it was very, very frightening; I cannot even begin to imagine what it looks like from the other side. Here's what I CAN imagine, though. I can imagine how glad the daughter is that she can help her Mother out; I can imagine that the daughter would like to be there for her Mother even more than she is. It sounds to me like--through it all,through everything--the woman has people around who love her very much. And that? Is saying something.

    If I could, I would make it all go away for ya, JJ--I really would!

  3. hugs ...it is the most horrid feeling!
    Hope you feel better quickly and the blood sugar does not go nuts on you and the pain becomes controllable.
    More hugs and prayers.

  4. Big hugs! That has to be so very scary!

  5. Hi, just reading your blog for the first time and my husband is type 1 diabetic. I have caught him with a few very low blood sugars and it scares me. Thank you for eloquently writing your side of the struggle.


  6. JoJo,

    Please take good care of yourself, dear one. What a frightening description of a very real experience! I worry about you and I hope that you are feeling better.


  7. Oh, jojo! What a miserable disease! But what a beautiful daughter you raised. You've given her the gift of compassion.

  8. Jojo,

    I have experienced this myself and it is frightening. I do hope you recouperate quickly. Low blood sugar has a way of making us tired for days on end.

    My heart goes out to you. I'm keeping you in my prayers.


  9. wow scary... haven't had to go thur that withmyhusband yet, and hope inever have to...

  10. JoJo-
    So sorry you had to go through this-I wished as I was reading that I could have been there to help-scary stuff. My grandpa had diabetes and I am screened for it often. My heart goes out to you for better days-I know you are strong and are never asking for sympathy-not what you are getting from me lady...just caring and concern. Please take care...sounds like you have an amazing husband and daughter!


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