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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home Improvement

The past few weeks have been consumed with doctor appointments, tests, lab work and more doctor appointments. This has been exhausting to me and I find myself taking more and more pain medication and watching more and more t.v. I have never been interested in day-time t.v., at least not the talk shows. I have to admit I've been watching All My Children since I was in high school. Did you know that the 'real-life' Myrtle passed away? I loved her character...she used to be in the circus of all things! Most of my t.v. time is spent late in the evening after my husband has retired for the night. The fact that he 'retires' at 8:00pm makes for a looong evening around here. I'm usually online until the news comes on and after watching that I find myself seeking out late-night comedy to keep me entertained. Mostly it's there to keep me from letting my mind wander off to places I prefer not to deal with yet.
If you look around it's pretty easy to find several 80's-90's sitcoms. Some one please tell me why I ever thought 'Home Improvement,' 'Designing Women,' or 'Frasier,' were remotely funny? I mean really...don't you just want to "smack" that tool time girl? And why did I care so much about 'Suzanne's' weight gain...she looks perfectly normal to me today. But I digress...
I have become completely consumed with HGTV. Oh, my gawd, do they have the best shows? Yeah, they have some pretty stupid ones too. I agree with Nikki that one more episode of "Hidden Potential" will cause me to go color blind and there is a limit as to how much I want to look at Carter Osterhouse. The show I really l.o.v.e. is "My House is Worth WHAT?" and 'House Hunters." While I really do love my house I find it fascinating at what I can buy for $200K in Texas, or Oklahoma. I have nothing against either place, in fact, I'm intrigued that real estate is such a good buy. I enjoy seeing other home owner's renovations and how they may/may not have worked out. Should they really have painted that room orange, can they sell the house with those faucets, will the green slime and the tad-poles in the pool be a turn off to buyers?? Don't make me wait...please tell me the value of my home NOW.
O.K., I'm back (whew). So tell me, tell me pleeeaaassee, who wrote the book of love? No, I mean...do you watch any of the home improvement shows and if so which do you like best? If not then tell me please, What was so funny about "Murphy Brown?"


  1. I can so relate on so many levels... It made me sad to see that Myrtle (Eileen Herlie) passed away... I have watched AMC since the early 80's ...
    I have never been too fond of sitcoms... I did like the early Cosby shows and the early Tim Allen shows his stand up was hysterical. I like that show clean house but think some of the things they sell and the prices they sell them at are nuts.
    I too am usually up late and Mike usually crashes abotu 9pm so it can be a long night I do have martha to spend time with until 11 pm when she goes to bed. I read a good bit too and that takes up some time which reminds me I really need to go to the public library since I have not bought and really cant afford to buy new books right now.
    Hope you are feeling better big hugs Laura

  2. I'm all about Friends, Family Ties, etc. House Hunters is awesome but it pisses me off when people already live in a 2500 sq ft house and have to buy a bigger place because they are having a kid and space is going to get tight. Seriously?!

  3. I used to love Designing Women (except for how political it got.) Then I showed an episode to my daughter and she didn't laugh one time, and I didn't think it was so funny either :( I do love House Hunters, but it makes me sick to see what houses are selling for. When we sold our first house here in metro Detroit, the family who bought it came from Pittsburgh and they HATED the house, but it was all they could afford. That was one sad closing.

  4. Oh my gosh, you sound exactly like me. I love All My Children and One Life To Live. I have watched AMC since I was a teenager. Of course I missed a lot of it, in my working years. Now that I have been on disabilty for 2 yrs, TV and the computer have become my best friends...LOL. When we had that storm and was without electricity for 2 weeks, I went about nuts!! I did read a few good books. I love the HGTV channel. I love the show "Let me sleep on it"! I sing that song in my head..LOL.. Are we going wacko, Jojo? We really should live closer together.We could visit...LOL.
    So don't feel alone in your world. There's others, like me, sitting right here in it with you.
    How did your tests, labs, etc turn out?

    God Bless~

  5. Candice Bergen.

    I also love HGTV, I loved Myrtle on AMC (for many years)... I was a faithful 'Designing Women' watcher, but now it seems CSI: Las Vegas, or the other cities, and Law and Order, especially SVU. If I'm having trouble sleeping I usually turn on The Golf Channel or ESPN just to have some quiet noise while I make a little jewelry, a necklace or a bracelet.

    There, I've confessed...

    Fun blog today, except, of course, you having to do all the doctor/lab stuff.


  6. I love-love-LOVE Murphy Brown. I think we were twins in another life because we are so much alike...the thing I liked most about the show was that Murphy didn't pull any punches and said what she felt. I've only found the first season out on Netflix. I would love to own all the seasons someday...


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