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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Friday, October 24, 2008

Me and blogger...

Friday update:
Thanks for the suggestions. ~Peach~ there is nothing at the right of the page. I remember seeing something there before so this is obviously a problem. I tried all the other suggestions and I think I will have to wait until the weekend and ask my son-in-law for help. And Caution, yes there is a spell check! How do you think that I am such a spellnig wizard without it??
Have a good weekend, and take care.

we've got issues. Send help.
I want to post some pics but all I get is html code...no pics. I can't type in the font and size that I want and i've lost all my icons across the top of the page. What the heck??? Send help quickly......
Oh, and when I hit spell check it says i'm in the editing mode. Ack!


  1. ok when you are making up your blog post look to the right side of the box, you will see a couple tabs one says edit the other says compose... the compose one is what you want to see your photos as you type... the edit with the html codes is where you can copy paste cut re arrange ect... For ever my thingy was set on the edit it took me over a YEAR to figure out that if you click compose it will show you the pics LOL... you are not alone my friend !
    Love n hugs

  2. Wish I could help you, I had to figure it out with a little help from my friend Lena...but have no clue how to tell you to fix yours, lol.Blonds don't always get it;)

  3. You have spell check on your blogger? Where's mine?

  4. I don't have a clue how to help you, JoJo. When something goes wrong with mine I get frustrated to tears and ready to throw my laptop across the room, my Bro or Carol will figure out what is wrong and talk me through fixing it. I still have a post that was underlined through the whole thing that I never did figure out how to get the underline off so I just posted it that way.

    Good luck, sweetie, I feel your pain...


  5. What Laura said. You want "compose."

  6. BWAHAHAHA, JJ...I tried ALL DAY yesterday to try to remember what Laura had told me to do when I had the same problem some time back. Do you think I could remember? Of course not. But, voila, there it is. So, yeah, my advice would be--what Laura and Monk said. That is what worked for me.

    If that still isn't it? Well, then, I got nothin'. A computer whiz is something I'll never be, but I can be useful in other ways. I'll let you know what they are when I remember them :).

    Have a good weekend, JJ...

  7. wish i could help JoJo. Sadly I am from an era that saw struggled with the first electric typewriters!
    BTW your warm comments always keep me up and smiling!

  8. Jojo,

    First, try clearing your browser and then reboot like bruno said.

    When you go to your new post, there should be on the top right, two tabs. One says Edit HTML, the other says Compose. Now, as Laura said, click on Compose. That should do it. If not, let me know and I will see if I can help you figure it out. I hope this helps.

    And yes, there is a spell checker. That is the little check mark at the top next to the picture feature.

    Thanks so much for dropping by and participating in the card shower. S is going to be getting a package of cards to cheer her through the holiday season. I appreciate your loving nature.

    Take care and be sure to let me know if I can help you out in any way.


  9. Jojo,

    Just read on my comments that you are still having trouble. Please email me at malward2002@yahoo.ca The ca is a Canadian email.



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