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Monday, September 22, 2008

Pimp My Ride...

****Thank you all for your amazing suggestions!! I had no idea you all were so creative. I will be implementing some of them as soon as possible and will keep you updated with pictures! You guys rock ;)****

As we grow older as a couple, and our children have left home and started their new lives, we often let our minds drift and daydream about the years ahead and retirement. We daydream of having no debt, no responsibility, and no worries. We daydream about taking our grandchildren to baseball games, going sailing and golfing. We daydream of travelling Route 66 and seeing the worlds largest frying-pan, the biggest ball of yarn and especially the Cadillac Ranch. We daydream that we are in a Porsche Boxster, riding with the top down, the warm breeze blowing through my hair (he has so little), with our dog Gracie in the back seat (never mind she'd be 285 years old), driving down Hwy 101 along the Oregon Coast. We would eat breakfast at the Pign'Pancake and stay at all the best resorts. But then...then...the phone rings or the dog barks and I am rudely taken back to reality. This is now my reality...

and the only way my hair will fly in the breeze is if my husband pushes me really, really fast (or down a hill). So, you know I can't do anything the 'normal' way. How would you pimp my ride?? I was thinking of adding some streamers, or putting some playing cards in the spokes (does anyone remember doing that), or maybe getting some funky basket to carry all my 'stuff.' You just never know.


  1. It's not even motorized?? Man, I'd get me a souped up, super fast motor for that baby. Okay, I suppose that might be an issue like maybe it's illegal and you need a special license. Okay, definitely go with the cards in the spokes and I'm thinking it's way too boring, just plain blue. You need to fancy that sucker up. Hmmm... I wonder if you can use one of those colorful shoots like they use to go parasailing. I wonder if you can go 'green' and use wind to fly around in it.

    You're probably going to need to install seatbelts for any of my ideas.

  2. Wow JoJo, I"m sorry to hear that your reality isn't what you dreamed it would be. Reality hoardly ever is... I say get a brightly colored or themed backpack to hold your stuff and attach it to the back of the wheelchair.

    But your dream can still live... maybe not hte convertible part, but you can fit a wheelchair in a van... you can still sit in a car... go drive along route 66, or hwy 101! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  3. I didn't mean for this to sound like a pity post. It really was just for fun...I'm o.k. with it ;)

  4. you've got to go neon, jojo! Green maybe? And you're going to need some big balloon tires to get through the desert sand. While you're at it, how about a Nascar engine and loud exhaust so everyone knows you've been there?

  5. Okay, JJ, I've given this a lot of thought and I have several ideas, all of which I am sure you will want to implement RIGHT AWAY. BWAHAHAHAHA! Before I start, though, I just want you to know that never once did I get the feeling that this was a pity post from you. I thought, "it is what it is" and you presented it as such. And besides, if you wanna have a pity party including a post, you go right on ahead! There's nothing wrong with the occasional small pity party, as long as you then put on your big girl panties and move on :)!

    Hmmm...how would I pimp JJ's ride? Curb feelers. Definitely curb feelers, with glow-in-the-dark tips. And I see no reason why the curb feelers shouldn't be attached to spinners! That card-in-the-spokes thing is so 1950s--pshaw!!! Tempur-Pedic seat and back cusions, with a coordinating dust ruffle along the bottom of the seat cushion. For your storage needs? Girl, you can't just go with ANY old basket. You are young. You are vital. You've got lots going on. You need an easy-to-attach-to-the-back three-tiered frame with pull-out wicker baskets. A neon flag so people will always be able to see you. And, last but by no means least, a custom horn that plays "Rollin' Down the Highway."

    I'm telling ya...YOUR ride is gonna put the Boxsters to shame :)! Just let me know if you need any home decorating ideas.


  6. JoJo-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog-
    I think you need to pimp your ride big time :)
    I would start with decorating it for holidays-Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.. you get the jist. Why not I see people that decorate their vehicles for holidays-why not your ride?
    I do like the cards in the spokes idea-and yes I remember kids doing that.
    Have a Good Evening!
    I am going to watch Gray's Anatomy's season premeir-YeaH!

  7. Hey I would'nt ruffle my hair in anything less than 08 Audi TT rag top. gNick

  8. Hey JoJo... how about weaving crepe paper strips in the spokes? You could change the colors with the season or the mood. How about some pinstriping to jack up the color some... I like the spinners and curb feelers that Kim-D suggested, as well as the flag. You could also change the flag with the moods, seasons and holidays... and I know you could find a convertible that you could throw the wheelchair in, maybe not a Boxer, but some are larger.

    I, too, didn't get a hint of pity party, but if you want to have one I'll come, and then we can roll around in it until we end up laughing at how silly we are.

    Hit route 66 and when you get to Oklahoma, I'll come to meet you!



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