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Sunday, August 10, 2008

She Won't Get Far on Foot (part 4)

in the beginning;

How does a relatively sane (despite the blog name), fairly intelligent (I have a college degree!), for the most part healthy person (ten years ago), make the decision to voluntarily have one of her limbs removed? The answer, for me, is two-fold.

First, and most importantly, it was a quality of life decision. I was fairly young with two children in school and had spent the previous three years being unable to participate in family activities or school functions. I was tired of the pain, the crutches, the wheelchair, the edema pumps, the surgeries, the casts, the bone growth stimulator, the stairs, and most anything else you can name. After the last reconstructive surgery had failed my doctor suggested that we could try another surgery but thought I would be back in less than a year, right where we had started from. I just could not see doing that again, and again, and again only to have the same result.

Secondly, I truly believe at some point the decision would have been taken away from me and it would have become a medical necessity. Since I am a complete and total control freak I decided to do it my way.

And with that we come back to the beginning. How did this happen? How could it happen?? Was it a car accident, a fall, a medical problem?? No, unbelievably, it was very simple...I tripped over the dog. You read that correctly, I tripped over the dog. And in my effort to not fall I slammed my foot into the door casing of my son's bedroom and broke it (my foot) completely in half. to be continued...

Have you ever made a decision that was life-altering? Would you do it again? Do you regret it?


  1. My life altering decision was my divorce from my first husband after 17 years of marriage. And yes, I would do it again because it was for the greater good for both of us as well as our children. I admire your daily courage in dealing with your decision and hope things get better for you soon.

  2. Hi Jojo,
    If I could adopt you I would, but my daughter has already laid claim to the rest of the stuff I brought home from Grandma Chickie's house.

    Hope those injections help. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  3. Yes, and I would do it again in a heart beat. I never regret anything. It was either meant to be or something to learn by.

  4. With my pain of neuropathy, if they told me cutting my feet off would help, I like you would do it. I even asked about that but doc told me about pain you feel still after a limb is removed, so the pain would still be there. Yes, I would do what you did, and like you I like to make those decisions, not others.

    Thanks for your concern about me, Jo. I am feeling some better today. Not sure what that was yesterday, but sure scared me.

    I am so glad that you have come into my life. I now have someone who I can talk to that truely understands!!

    God Bless~

    PS. The thought of that broken foot of yours makes me cringe!!!

  5. i have made quite a few life altering decisions... and NO i would not change any of them as it takes all good and bad to get me to where I am today and I am happy where I am today!
    my foot cringed as I read...
    Love n hugs Laura

  6. I have a plate in my wrist I still can't publicly go into detail about. Yeah, I have regrets that have affected the rest of my life. And a huge, grizzly scar as a constant reminded. Glad you have the courage not only to endure what you did, but to share it publicly too.

  7. The dog? That's how it happened?? Geez, I assumed it had to do with the diabetes. I'll tell ya something, after seeing my sister live basically all of her life in constant pain, I'm willing to bet she'd give up a limb or 2 if it would help.

    The wasn't any life altering decision in my life. Well aside from getting married but I suspect that's a fairly common one, eh? :)

  8. Oh, JJ! I want to know more...and, as you can imagine, I have LOTS to say. And I will be back to say it, ASAP. Until then...your foot? In half? AAAHHHH...girl scream!!!

  9. I made a life altering decision in 2002, and I couldn't be happier. Like you, it was the control freak in me that made me say "Choose to do it now before somebody says it's your only option later."

  10. Wow Jojo! You are going through A LOT!!! I am praying those injections give you some relief!


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