"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Friday, August 8, 2008

Let's review what we learned on Wednesday

Take one interventional radiologist + one rehabilitative specialist + one primary care physician + three inept office assistants = "we don't have you on our surgi-schedule today."

Tuesday, as I sat in the doctor's office, an appointment was made for me to have an injection in my SI-joint (lower back). I had already eaten Tuesday morning so this was scheduled for Wednesday morning. I assumed it was Wednesday, the next day, and so did my doctor. NO...it was Wednesday next week. (Although all my paperwork had 8/6 written on it). So I show up at the appointed time, 10am, on Wednesday, after fasting for twelve hours (not that big a deal but I do love my morning cuppa), after not taking any medications for twelve hours ( hello? I take 17 medications a day...you just can't stop them all at once), with my husband who has taken the day off of work to drive me home, only to find out I'm not on the surgery schedule. Yeah, i was not happy. We made our way back to the doctors office and they all called each other, and accused each other of making the mistake, and basically threw their co-workers under the bus. Eventually, about two hours later, we were taken back to the surgery area to have a consult with the radiologist. If he wasn't so damn good looking and so kind and understanding then, well...I don't know what exactly. But as it was, we discussed my options and he cleared an hour for my procedure, being sure that I knew it was his "lunch" hour. Soooooo...at about five hours from the original start time we made our way to the procedure room and I had the injections. Without any type of sedation or anesthesia because that would mess up the whole freakin' day if they had to take time out to monitor me, insert an i.v., give me pain meds...you know...the kind of stuff you need when they are going to stick a giant needle into your hip joint and fill it with cortisone????? It was over pretty quickly, about 45 minutes, and I was sent home with the reassurance that I would probably have to come back for more injections into my spinal cavity as this seems to have had no effect whatsoever on the pain. geez people, get your crap together.


  1. How disheartening! Now you know why I am OCD after dealing with so many screw up with the medical field.

    You're in my prayers for a restful weekend.

  2. So sorry Jojo!! I see a Interventional Radiologist also. He wants to put a spinal cord stimulator in my spine. I have said No, so far. God bless your poor heart. I feel so bad for you.When you get all built up for a procedure and then they have screwed up, makes that procedure even worse!! Know that you are in my thoughts, prayers and heart.

    God Bless~

  3. Sometimes it happens. At least you could chuckle over it by writing in your blog. :)

  4. hugs I wish I knew a fix to the problem (both back and medical world) but alas I have none...
    hope you do get some relief they do say that sometimes it takes a couple weeks before the relief part comes in from those shots... with me when I had the shot in my wrist the shot was worse and more traumatic and painful than the problem that i went in for and I vowed never again... so far never again has held true.
    Love n hugs Laura

  5. OH wow, what a bunch of morons! Glad you at least got your injections although sans meds.
    Beautiful bithday message to your mom too:))
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. JoJo, I feel your pain. I had spine injections 20 years ago at my doc's office. He was excellent. He would feel around on my lower back, locate the pain and shoot me, usually on both sides of my spine. No anesthesia. But he was so good that for the most part it wasn't bad and it did me soooo much good. Now you have to go to a specialist that shoots x-rays of where he stuck the needles. Oh well... as long as it relieves the pain. I hope you have a restful and pain-free time ahead of you for a long while.

    Helen G.

  7. JoJo,

    That must have been so frustrating! I do hope that the medication takes effect soon, and that you don't end up having to go in for more shots. I have always been able to just get away with one, but it takes a while for the full effect to occur.

    I hope you had a restful weekend!



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