"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Friday, July 25, 2008

Who Me(me)???

I've been unofficially tagged, by Kim-d, with a MeMe. I am happy to do so but must admit I am a MeMe virgin. I'm just a little nervous here, so please be gentle with me. Will you still love me tomorrow?


  1. Link to the person that tagged you. (love to, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet).
  2. Post the rules on your blog. check.
  3. Write six random things about yourself. check.
  4. Tag six people at the end of the post.
  5. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
  6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

O.K., six random things about me. You know I am all about randomness.

  1. I don't like following rules.
  2. I am totally addicted to Vick's Nasal Spray (menthol).
  3. I don't like berries of any type. It's a seed thing.
  4. I collect "Just the Right Shoe."
  5. I have a brother that's been missing for seven years.
  6. I had to Google "Nympho Niagra."

There you have it. Happy now??? And since I don't like rules (#1) and the whole linky thingy hasn't been figured out yet, I'm not going to tag anyone. But if you'd like to share...I would love it. Just leave your answers in the comments section. Have a great weekend ;)


  1. YAY, JJ!!! You did it; thanks! Aren't meme's fun?

    On a more serious note, I'm sorry to read about your brother. My father has been unofficially "missing" for four years, at least to me anyone else he knew from before my Mom died. He called one night, just as he did every week, we had a relatively normal conversation and then, POOF, gone. I don't have a clue if he's dead or alive. I hope that, if it's what you and/or your family want, you find out what has happened with your brother...

  2. I'm with you on this one - I still have no clue how to tag and untag :)

  3. cute me me ... and am so sorry about your brother...
    HUGS Laura

  4. Jojo, I am so sorry about your brother.

    I also had to google Nympho Niagra. All I can say is "Oh, My"!!!!LOL..

    Have a great weekend!

    God Bless~

  5. I'm sorry about your brother!

    Linking is easy! When you type an entry, look up at the tool bar just above the text box. See that broken chain linky thing? Highlight the word you want to link (on this post, you would have highlighted Kim-d) then click on the linky thing. When it comes up, type in (or copy and paste if you have another screen open) the web address you want to link to. Does that make sense? It's really easy to do.

  6. jojo,
    Thank you for posting a comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. Blog world is an awesome thing, and I do enjoy it.
    I am sorry to read about your recent pain that you are having. I too have had some issues in my life, but after reading some Caringbridge sites, I do realize my problems are far less then those children/people fighting for their lives.......it's so unfair!! I don't know how parents and families do it.
    Take care of yourself & have a great Sunday!


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