"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two vs. One

Things that make me go..." holy crap, why didn't someone tell me about this???" Better known as: life with two legs is much less confusing than life with one. (not complaining, just an observation)

  • shoes: I never was a shoe diva. I always worked in a hospital setting. Shoes needed to be comfortable and fashion was not important. I had the "running shoes" and the obligatory "birkies," I could dress up on occasion and wear "cool, hip" shoes, and I loved sandals and flip-flops in the summer. I have been wearing the same type of shoe now for TWELVE years. Basically a "walking" athletic type shoe. There is much adjusting that needs to take place to change the shoe type and I don't have an adjustable "foot." Not a problem really, UNLESS you are all dressed-up for your only daughter's wedding. Then, you know... it's a little odd.
  • showers: I have to admit: "I haven't taken a shower in TWELVE years." Hard to imagine, I know, but I do actually bathe everyday so not to worry. But that's just it. It's not really a bath because I can't get in and out of the tub, and it's not really a shower since I'm too lopsided to stand on the one leg. So it's a sorta bath/shower combo. Basically, a shower on a chair. It's o.k...I still get clean.
  • running, jumping, hopping, skipping: obvious
  • getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom: Yeah, my bladder is taking a beating because it takes too damn much time to think the whole thing out and get the leg on and get in there in time. Kegels anyone??
  • bathing suits and/or shorts: really, I'm just too fat for those things but I have an excuse and I'm sticking with it. (I will wear shorts to my in-laws though because it really, really upsets them to have to look at the "defective" me ;) )

For the most part everything has been "adaptable" to the point that it is no longer important. I'm here...I only really miss hiking and the shoes!


  1. JoJo,

    You are quite a strong and inspirational individual!


  2. Jojo, I hope that if something ever goes wrong with my feet or legs and they need to go,(not that neuropathy isn't bad enough), I hope I have your strength and attitude to accept it and move on. Getting a power chair is hard enough for me, as that is in the making now. I so praise you and your are such a grand inspiration to me.

    Diabetics UNITE!!!

    God Bless~

  3. What do you mean youre sad your blog isnt listed on my blog roll?

    Are you sure you looked closely enough?

    Hallie :)

  4. You have a great outlook on life - you are an inspiration. Only one thing... You are far from defective. :)

  5. Talk about someone who takes lemons and makes lemonade! You are so inspirational! I'm surprised your doctor does not have you sharing your stories and thoughts with those who are just starting the life of amputation. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Ya know what makes me really love you, JJ? That thing about wearing shorts to your in-laws. YEAH, BABY! :) Isn't it just amazing, the gall of some people?

    I think that you are perfect just as you are; to me, it seems like you always do what you need to do and get on with it. To me, that is admirable. And what I say counts...BWAHAHA!

    I say as long as we're all here to prop each other up when need be, we'll be fine. And the shoes are overrated :).

  7. Being the evil person I am, my favorite part was about you wearing shorts to the in-laws. :)

    By the way, I'd really like to know how the heck a Brooklyn girl ended up in Washington. Hmmm.... on the other hand, half my family is in CA so I guess it's sorta the same thing, eh?

  8. Locked in a closet as a child? Who told you???

    Hallie :)

  9. Hey, my kids were born in Rockville Centre. Mercy Hospital. My sister & brother are in Long Island, which is why I am never going to move too far from where I am now. Well, far being a relative term...

  10. You are amazing!

    And don't take this weird, please, but I'm pretty sure I'll end up thinking about you when I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I never thought about what it must be like in the middle of the night before.

  11. Hi, JoJo... I really love that you wear shorts to your in-laws.. You are my kindred spirit. Though I have two legs, I do find myself doing things that I know just irritate the crap some of my relatives, and all with an innocent look on my face. I think the way you're dealing with diabetes is awesome. I've always said I'd have never made it this far without a sense of humor and as I meet more folks through blogging I find that I am in damn good company.

    BTW, I found you through WWOW, and also thanks for stopping by my place. I'm just getting started on this blogging stuff and appreciate when folks stop and comment.

    Helen G.


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