"the nicest and the sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those that bring simple pleasure, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Suhweet Life

I'm not a complainer (cough, cough), I've never been through a hurricane or tornado or flood. Lord knows I really have no reason to complain, BUT, I do live in the land of earthquakes and if that volcano ever blows we'll be goners. It's 51degrees and raining here today...again. I heard it was June, I think it's a lie. My poor vegetable garden looks so forlorn. Those little guys are just begging for some sunshine, just a few rays of warmth. Anyway, I digress...what could be more fun than putting on your winter coats, driving to the big city, and watching an outdoor baseball game??? Nothing I tell ya, 'cause that's what we did today. Baseball nut was awarded Mariner tickets at work for some fabulous thing that he did but won't let me talk about. The tickets were in his employers suite. Suhweet! I've never been to a game in the suites before and baby there's no going back now. I was most psyched about getting to park in the parking garage! Our parking space was just steps away from the suite, usually if we go to a game we park waaaaaayyy far away and by the time we get to the park I don't give a crap about anything anymore. Again, I digress...we spent the afternoon in this lovely, covered, heated suite (with private bathrooms with t.v.s) overlooking home-plate. Let me clarify---the suite overlooked home-plate not the bathrooms. There was food galore. Alright, it was baseball food (you know, hot dogs, peanuts, soda, popcorn, pizza) but it was o.k. We had seats in the first row and I must say it is way more fun than sitting in the top row of the outfield. I could actually see the players! Not that they were doing much "playing." Yeah, our team lost, in fact they suck. But baseball nut doesn't care as long as he gets to the game and I don't care as long as we don't have to park three miles away! It did take us longer to get home than it did for them to play the game though, stupid traffic.

And tomorrow? You might find this hard to believe. I'm getting on the wii-fit tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow I'm going to do that. Yep, I'm pretty sure tomorrow is the day...maybe.


  1. Wii-fit rocks!! Get on that thing kiddo! It's MUCH better than therapy!!

    Hallie :)

  2. Awww, JJ, I feel your pain! BUT...we're even still years away from being able to watch outside baseball. Which, to me, is the only way to watch baseball. But with our weather, we would just drown and then get blown away. Which would surely make me stop whining about my wall :)!

    I feel so alone. I have no Wii of any type, fit or otherwise. HA!

  3. take me out to the COOL air... its is 99 degrees here Already index of 103 my poor garden is crying for rain it has not rained in weeks and none is in sight... we have to water daily but it never seems to be enough.... why oh why can't we find a happy medium ... 72 degrees year round weekly rain... HEAVEN i say just heaven LOL


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